Providing the best basketball recruiting resource for colleges and athletes.

Concentrating on accurate and timely information, CS Hoops looks to provide a valuable service that coaches and athletes cannot do without!

Recruiting services are notorious for sending email blasts about players out to colleges with no strategic knowledge or direction. CS Hoops is determined to offer a smarter approach, providing high school players with the best means to touch the schools that fit them both academically and athletically.

Our Founder’s Vision

CS Hoops Founder Danny Morrissey knows first-hand how difficult, confusing and exhausting the college basketball recruiting process can be.

A former Division I basketball standout from Penn State University, Danny realized the importance of having every piece of information at his disposal during the college search. The more information he had, the better he could make decisions as to which schools provided the best fit.

Knowing the value of strong data, Danny created CS Hoops with the goal of providing every athlete, no matter the level, with the most relevant and useful information needed to make recruiting decisions.

And he wanted to supply this information via a common-sense, easy-to-use web-based solution, so that high school basketball players nationwide could take the right steps towards achieving their dreams!

Danny also brings to CS Hoops a unique understanding of the game, as well as direct experience in helping high school students manage their recruiting process.

An Unrivaled Database of High School Players

CS Hoops operates what we believe to be the largest, single online database of high school basketball players. We have scouts around the country watching high school games, attending exposure camps and attending AAU tournaments.

We also maintain a staff of in-house researchers who gather intelligence via online searches and making phone calls to high school coaches, AAU coaches, as well as via communications with our extensive network of basketball contacts nationwide.

Once one of our evaluators sees a player and determines he has the potential to play in college, our in-house staff gathers additional need-to-know information that is important to college coaches in the evaluation process.

Our evaluators are anonymous. Chances are CS Hoops has seen you play or plans on seeing you play. However, you will never know who we are when we are in the gym. We do this because we do not want to be influenced by parents, the media or by coaches.

We want to get an unbiased look at a player and then decide if we want to do further research and include the player in our database.

Why This Smart System Matters to You...

College coaches pay for our information. Unlike other services, the college coaches who access our database pay for our service.

Our mission is to provide accurate data to college coaches so that when they build a recruiting board of our prospects, they have the confidence that we are on target relative to a player’s ability to play at a given level.

Far too many times, recruiting services email blast coaches with profiles of players that have no realistic chance to play college basketball at the level of the coach reading the email.

We also evaluate players of all levels. If we believe you have the potential to play in college, regardless of the level, you may end up in our database.

We evaluate high school basketball players who we believe have the ability to play at the junior college, NAIA, Division 3, Division 2, and at the Division 1 level.

Unlike most services, we evaluate and provide information to all college programs, not just the Division 1 schools. There are many more college playing opportunities outside of Division 1, and many high school athletes never adequately investigate these options.

By tapping into the CS Hoops solution, you can match your athletic and academic achievements and interests with the schools looking for prospects just like you!

Find out more right now?  View all the details of the CS Hoops system and see how it can impact your recruiting efforts!