CS Hoops offers services designed to your individual college recruitment needs!

CS Hoops provides the best recruiting resource for high school athletes and college basketball programs.

Concentrating on accurate and timely information, CS Hoops looks to provide a valuable service that you cannot do without!

As a CS Hoops subscriber*, you’ll have access to many services that allow you to:

  • Connect with hundreds of targeted colleges and universities all in one place through our national network of scouting services and publications.
  • Perform in-depth research with the CS Hoops College Database to get details on both athletic and academic programs.
  • Learn from our staff of recruiting experts through our exclusive recruiting handbook, blogs, and email newsletters.
  • Receive professional evaluations to determine your collegiate potential and necessary areas of improvement.
  • Access lists of CS Hoops certified skill development instructors, trainers and academies from around the country.
  • Maintain ultimate control of your information from playing stats, uploaded videos and highlights, to contact information and academic accomplishments.
  • Enjoy the latest technology with our own QR Code Generator that creates your very own mobile website for highlighting your athletic and academic achievements.

*services vary based on subscription plan

CS Hoops offers 3 levels of subscription services for high school basketball players...

Our CS Hoops subscription plans are built around the individual needs of high school athletes and offer 3 distinct levels of service:

CS Hoops Basic - Research

Only $19.99/month

This entry-level plan is designed for high school players interested in researching their best collegiate match as well as the college recruitment process.

  • Full access to research your best collegiate matches through our CS Hoops college database with information on the academic and athletic programs of over 1700 schools!
  • Access to the CS Hoops Recruiting Resource Center with insider advice on managing the recruiting process as well as your own game! Featuring detailed articles, tips and tricks, as well as an email newsletter.
  • Receive your personal mobile website and QR code. Now anyone can scan your QR code on their mobile device and be sent directly to a website featuring all of your stats and gameplay info! Even video can be uploaded to your mobile site!

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CS Hoops Premium - Exposure

Only $59.99/month or $595/year (our best value!)

Our mid-level plan features everything in the CS Hoops Basic PLUS offers additional services designed to expose high school players to their college programs and coaches.

  • Unlimited database access to contact college coaches and research their programs!
  • Create your own recruiting profile to share with colleges!
  • Upload game film and highlights!
  • Build unlimited Recruiting Boards to monitor all of your favorite schools and coaches!
  • Access college program recruiting questionnaires directly from our database!
  • Get access to nearly every coach’s name and email address at each school in our database so you can make the connections that count!

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CS Hoops Pro Plus - Evaluation

Customized program is $1499 for year one and $499/year for years 2 through graduation.

Our top plan features everything in the CS Hoops Basic and Premium PLUS offers detailed player evaluations and customized recruiting support.

  • Receive a comprehensive and detailed skill and recruiting evaluation. This full report features a detailed report on current strengths and weaknesses as well as projected college placement from recruiting and scouting experts!
  • Report also features recommended areas of improvement.
  • Receive priority access to CS Hoops Certified skill instructors and trainers from around the country.
  • Receive our 50 recommended schools based carefully upon a player’s skill, academic level, and personal preferences!
  • CS Hoops also will notify each of these recommended schools about you -- and send the coach your official evaluation!

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CS Hoops also offers these specialized services...

CS Hoops Express for High School Seniors

Now $699 for unsigned high school seniors

This specialized CS Hoops service provides exclusive analysis designed for the needs of unsigned high schools seniors. Along with receiving individual analysis and recruiting support, senior ballers also receive access to our college database and can create a custom recruiting board.

  • Receive a detailed individual analysis and recruiting evaluation by CS hoops recruiting and scouting experts.
  • Have unlimited access to CS Hoops recruiting boards and college database*
  • Receive our 25 recommended colleges based upon a player’s skill, academic level, and personal preferences!
  • CS Hoops also will notify each of these recommended schools about you and send them your evaluation!
  • CS Hoops will also supply a list of recommended preparatory schools, post-graduate academies, and trainers.

* Subscription access is available from March 1 to August 1 following your senior high school season.

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CS Hoops for College Coaches

CS Hoops operates what we believe to be the largest single online database of high school basketball players. We have scouts around the country watching high school games, attending exposure camps and attending AAU tournaments.

Now you can receive 24/7 access to this data to streamline, strengthen and support your program’s recruiting efforts.

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