Keep your gameplay in step with your faith.

At CS Hoops we understand the importance of continuing your education in line with your personal faith.

There are many opportunities to continue to pursue collegiate basketball in light of this, and CS Hoops offers a revolutionary recruiting service to help guide you through the process.

CS Hoops & the Faith-Based Athlete

As a CS Hoops subscriber, you will be able to research nearly every college basketball program at all levels including faith-based institutions nationwide.

CS Hoops was designed for high school basketball players interested in pursuing their athletic goals while at the same time valuing both their religious and academic education.

Our extensive database can show you what faith-based colleges and universities are seeking players like you -- and what they have to offer in both athletics and academics.

We’re committed to help you align your religious, academic, and athletic goals.

If you have questions about how CS Hoops can assist in you in pursuing your athletic future in a faith-based setting, feel free to contact us!


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