Individual Exposure Opportunities
Tuesday, March 19, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips, Exposure Events, Scholarships and Financial Aid


The Spring and Summer are going to be the most important time in your high school recruitment. It is the time of year that college coaches will be able to actively evaluate and recruit athletes. While we believe exposure events to be just a part of your recruitment, it is still necessary to play in front of college coaches and programs.
We have compiled a few of the top individual exposure event providers from around the country. While we do suggest playing in club team tournaments, there are also a few other ways to provide yourself with additional individual exposure. Take a look at a few suggestions:
Hoop Group
Hoop Group has had a tremendous reputation over the last several decades when it comes to summer camps and college exposure. Throughout the early spring, Hoop Group holds several individual exposure camps as well as a few NCAA Certified club tournaments. During June and July, Hoop Group holds what they call their 'Elite Camp Series'. They have several individual exposure camps that are great for college coach exposure and individual development.
Hoop Mountain
Hoop Mountain is another comparable event provider. They do a great job providing individual college exposure camps throughout the country. Hoop Mountain has locations  in nearly every region with some of their best camps taking place in the Northeast, Southeast, and West. Two in particular that are worth noting are catered towards high-academic and small college players. These take place in Boston and In San Diego..
Big Shots
Big Shots is a very good tournament and event operator with a majority of their events taking place along the East Coast from Maryland and Virginia on down. While a majority of their events are team oriented, they have recently been providing a few individual exposure camp opportunities. Something to keep an eye out for.
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