Basketball Recruitment - Spring Cleaning
Tuesday, March 5, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips, Exposure Events, FAQ's


It's that time of year when you can feel Spring is just around the corner. At CS Hoops it is time for a little Spring Cleaning! We, along with all of our athletes and subscribers, take a look at how the high school season went and set goals for what we want to accomplish over the next couple of months.
It may be a great time for you, as an athlete or coach, to take a second to look back at the last couple of months and get an idea of what you would like to accomplish during your spring and summer season. We have compiled a list of questions you can be asking yourself to get a better of idea of where you stand in the college recruiting process.
1) Do I know what I am looking for in a college and have I built my Top 50 list?
This should be the very first thing you do as an athlete pursuing college basketball opportunities. How else are you going to know whether or not a school is the right fit unless you do the necessary research? Our athletes use or extensive College Database which provides every piece of information they need to make the right decision (Not to mention, we have the ability to directly contact the coaching staff of every program in the country!).
2) Have I set my Spring/Summer camp, tournament and exposure event schedule?
While we spend countless hours helping our athletes and high school/club coaches contact college programs throughout the year, it is still very important to play in front of college coaches. Be careful, not every event is the right event for you. By signing up with CS Hoops today, you will get a breakdown of every event in the country and how it fits you as a student-athlete. 
3) Have I been invited to any College Elite Camps?
College programs have their own prospect camps where they bring athletes on campus to evaluate further. Being invited to a prospect camp by one of the schools on your Top 50 List is an important milestone in the recruiting process. This is one of the things we help our athletes with throughout the year to ensure they are building a strong relationship with college coaches and programs.
There is little time to waste as you pursue your dreams of playing college basketball. Don't let another minute go by. Contact CS Hoops today and speak to our College Basketball Recruiting Experts!
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