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Friday, January 18, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips, Exposure Events, FAQ's

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We are back with another Question and Answer session with our founder, Danny Morrissey. There are a couple recurring questions from players, parents and coaches about the college recruiting process and we want to answer some of those. Take a look at what is on the minds of others out there.

Question: I am starting to think about this Spring and Summer. How do I know which camps and exposure events are best?

Answer: There are TONS of exposure tournaments, camps and events to attend and there a many excellent ones. With that said there are a lot events that might not be worth the time. Not because it is not a good event, but rather because different camps or tournaments could be great for one athlete, but not for another. What I mean by this is that there are some events that are great for different levels of play. There are also camps that are great for high academic students to attend. When we get to February and early March of every year at CS Hoops, we sit down with our athletes and assess which events would be best for them based upon what would benefit them most. If you are going at the recruiting process on your own, I suggest doing your research first on each camp to be better informed on how it would benefit you most. Ask yourself if the camp gets you in front of the schools that fit you best. If yes, then it might be something to consider.

At the end of the day, be honest with your abilities and be sure to approach coaches first before attending an event. Athletes think if they just show up and they will get recruited. This is absolutely the worst thing you can do. Contact coaches directly and make they aware of who you are. This will help maximize your time at those events.

Question: I have contacted a coach, but haven't heard back. Do I assume they are not interested?

Answer:  This is  a common theme with parents and players. At CS Hoops we encourage our players to contact coaches regularly. What I mean by this is you should start by introducing yourself with an initial email. From here, if you haven't heard anything back from them, it doesn't mean they are not interested. College coaches are typically very busy, especially this time of year. They have to coach their team and are only worried about how they can win the next game. While they do keep up to date with possible recruits throughout the year, their season obviously takes up most of their time. My suggestion to athletes, parents and coaches is to be consistent in contacting those coaches. Give the coaching staff a some time to respond before reaching back out to them.

At CS Hoops, our athletes work with us to determine the right fit for them as a player and a student. This is important to make sure the program you are contacting is a realistic fit. If it is not, then you probably will not gain any interest from that staff.

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