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Wednesday, January 9, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips, Exposure Events

With the high school season in full swing, there are only a couple of months remaining before the spring and summer club season is underway.  There are many, many things on the minds of players, parents, and coaches as the spring/summer season gets near. We, at CS Hoops, are here to provide you with a few tips to help you prepare for this next 'all-important' tournament and exposure event season.

Off the Court and In the Classroom

The season can be long. Weeknight games and long practices can have an effect on your studies. Don't let it. We always emphasize to our athletes to ‘Control the Controllables’. One of the things that can help you is Time Management. Find pockets of time to complete homework assignments and studying for exams. As we had discussed before, how you finish the school year can and will affect your recruitment. As college coaches are out evaluating you on the court, they are always curious how you are performing in the classroom. It's not all about how good of a player you are. You need to be able to perform in the classroom for coaches to even show any interest in you.

Exposure Events

Expsoure during the high school season is limited. There are only a few prep school and high school tournaments that attract college coaches throughout the high school season. This makes it that much more important to get out in front of coaches during the spring and summer. There are club tournaments (AAU, EYBL, etc) and individual exposure events and camps. There are a countless number of events that take place and not every event is a good one. Do your research on an event that you are considering before committing to it.

Too many athletes think that by just showing up you will get recruited, but unfortunately this is not how it works. By contacting coaches now, you can maximize your time on the recruiting trail since they will be aware of you as a player. This will also allow you to be selective on your tournaments and camps and can ease the recruiting process significantly for you. Consult CS Hoops to help you determine which events are right for you.

In Your Recruitment

Be sure to continue to keep coaches updated on your progress throughout the season. Sending an email with an update on your performance in the classroom and on the court can go a long way. Maintain contact with the coaches on your Recruiting Boards to maintain a dialogue. Those of you who have taken the SAT/ACT should have their results available. Make sure to inform coaches on how you did. You can utilize a CS Hoops Custom Player Profile to provide coaches with your information. Lastly, make sure the coaches you have had interaction with are aware of your upcoming spring/summer schedule. If you have been diligent in contacting them throughout the season and if they have interest in you as a student-athlete, they will want to evaluate you in person.

Stay tuned for more information and suggestions on events as we get closer to the spring and summer.


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