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Wednesday, January 2, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips

Most players believe the only way they are going to get more minutes or a scholarship is to score points. They focus so much on scoring that they forget to do any of the little things. This can tremendously hurt their game. Spectators may not be able to recognize the added value that a player brings besides scoring, but a basketball coach does. They recognize a player that is willing to set good screens for their teammates, talk on defense, and do all of the little things that go into winning.

College coaches especially notice these things and it factors into their recruiting decisions. Here are 4 ways that you can make an impact on the court which can earn you more playing time and help you get noticed by college coaches and programs.

Communicating is the key especially on the defensive end of the floor. If you are the most vocal player on the floor communicating to your teammates, you become instantly irreplaceable to your teammates and coach. This will also translate to a more effective defensive team and will be contagious to your other teammates.

Be a Leader
We have all heard the line, “First player in the gym and last to leave.” The best way to make an impact is to lead by example and do your best everyday to be a positive influence with your teammates, even when you don’t feel like it.

Be Unselfish and Shoot Good Shots
Be unselfish and don’t force up bad shots. Even a good shooter can become a bad shooter with poor shot selection. Being unselfish and willing to make the extra pass is contagious.

Do Whatever it Takes
Be willing to do the little things on a regular basis. It can be extremely rewarding and fun to set good screens, dive on the floor, or take charges when you see the value it adds to your team. There are going to be nights where you struggle to make baskets so be sure to provide other value to your team.


written by: Kyle Ohman, Basketball HQ

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