Recruiting Timeline Update - High School Season
Monday, November 19, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips

With the high school season only a couple of weeks from the official start, there are many, many things on the minds of players, parents, and coaches as the season gets underway. Whether it is preparing for an upcoming opponent, working on improving from game to game, or taking care of things in the classroom, there is much to handle to ensure you are in position for a successful season. During this time, the recruiting process can be neglected which can leave you behind in your recruitment. The following are a few things you can be doing to maintain exposure even during the high school season.

On the Court and In the Classroom

We always emphasize to our athletes to ‘Control the Controllables’. You have control over how you do in the classroom and on the court. Make sure you are up to speed with your classwork and that you finish strong this grading period. College coaches will want to know your progress academically since this can be a deciding factor in who they want to offer a scholarship or a roster position to. On the court, play hard and give maximum effort. There will be times when you do not play your best, but you can make up for this through your effort. Plus, coaches want to see how you handle yourself during adversity. Lastly, take care of your bodies. It’s a long season and it is inevitable that your body will break down. By eating well and getting proper rest you can maintain a high level of performance.

In Your Recruitment

Be sure to keep coaches updated on your progress throughout the season. Sending an email with an update on your performance in the classroom and on the court can go a long way. Maintain contact with the coaches and your Recruiting Boards to maintain a dialogue. Those of you who have taken the SAT/ACT recently will soon have access to their results. Make sure to inform coaches on how you did. Lastly, continually update your game film and season schedule with coaches. You should send updated game film from a great quarter, half or full game to those schools on your list on a regular basis.

The process can be overwhelming with everything you have on your plate as a player or a coach.  We encourage you to join the CS Hoops community to make this process easy to manage so that you are getting the most out of your recruitment.

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