Learning More about Division III Basketball
Friday, November 9, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips

NCAA Division III basketball is probably the most misunderstood level of college basketball. Since the member institutitions do not offer athletic scholarships, many parents, prospective student-athletes and high school/travel team coaches do not understand the talent and competitiveness that exists at the lowest level of NCAA basketball.  Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to college basketball recruitment at the Division III level.

  • NCAA Division III basketball programs include some of the top academic institutions in the country including MIT, Williams College, Amherst College and many others.
  • Each year there are dozens of Division III players that go on to play professional basketball at all levels across the globe, including the NBA.
  • Many rosters across Division III basketball are filled with "scholarship" level players that chose to play at the Division III level for a variety of reasons.
  • Coaching at the Division III level is nearly as competitive as it is at the Division I level.  Countless Division III coaches have eventually become Division II, Division I, or professional basketball coaches...so there is no need to worry about the training, development and coaching you will receive at the Division III level.
  • While NCAA Division III programs are not allowed to offer athletic financial aid, many institutions at this level have very large financial endowments which lead to both merit based and need based financial aid packages that can make a student's college education very affordable.
  • There are different "levels" of play at Division III just like there are at the Division I level. Many times you will hear people talk about high-major or mid-major Division I programs...the same exists at Division III. Certain programs are financially funded more than others and are givne more support by their college or university administration which leads to traditionally more competitive basketball programs and sustained success.
  • For more information including rankings, scores, schedules, conference alignment and more, visit the internet's home for NCAA Division III basketball at D3Hoops.com.
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