Early Decision Admissions
Friday, November 2, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips, Academics, Scholarships and Financial Aid

Applying Early Decision (ED) is becoming a more and more popular option for college applicants. Let's take a look at what these options mean for a prospective student-athlete.

Early Decision is an application option that many of the country's most selective instiutions provide to their applicants. Early Decision gives the applicant an earlier admissions decision than a regular applicant in exchange for a commitment to enroll if accepted.  A prospect student-athlete can only apply Early Decision to one institution and is expected to withdraw all other regular applications if accepted.

Why would a prospective student-athlete apply Early Decision? It gives a prospect the best opportunity to earn acceptance into the school and gives closure to the recruiting process at a level where athletic financial aid is not offered (i.e. NCAA Division III).  

Tips for Early Decision Applicants

  • Make sure you are certain of your decision to enroll if accepted.
  • Make sure to visit the campus and meet your possible future coaching staff and teammates.
  • Make sure that the coaching staff has genuine interest in you as a member of their basketball program and that you will have a spot on the team next season.
  • Resolve all financial aid questions and concerns before applying Early Decision. Make sure that you and your family get an "early read" on your possible financial aid package.




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