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Wednesday, October 31, 2012  |  In FAQ's

The Following are a few of the questions we are consistently asked by high school prospects from around the country

Am I good enough to play college basketball?
If college coaches are actively recruiting you, then you are likely good enough to play college basketball.  If that is not the case, then we recommend contacting CS Hoops who is a reputable source for college coaches and has years of experience in evaluating future college prospects. There are thousands of athletes who are good enough to play at the next level, however it comes down to your exposure to the right schools that ultimately determines whether or not you find an opportunity.  You want to be on the lookout for schools that will value you as a student-athlete on and off the court. 

What should I do with the questionnaires that I receive from college coaches?
Respond to all questionnaires, learn about the school and then make a decision as to whether you are interested or not.

What should I do if I am not interested in a college that con­tacts me?
Do your homework before deciding you are not interested in a certain college program. Once that has been determined, then it is okay to let a coach know that his school is not an option you are interested in pursuing.

What are college coaches looking for?
Just like you are trying to find the right place for you to spend the next four years, college coaches are trying to find the best fit for their programs for the next four years.  While basketball talent is likely the most important characteristic, academic achievement, high character and other intangibles are very attractive to college coaches as well.

Do recruited athletes have an advantage in the admissions process?
Each and every situation is different, but generally speaking, if a college program is actively recruiting you, then you will have at least a slight advantage over the general admissions pool.

I have received letters from college coaches already. Does this mean I will be recruited?
No, a college program will send out hundreds of general mailings to prospects around the country.  Be sure to look through ‘How to Gauge the Interest of a College Coach” in the Recruiting Resource Center to get a better understanding of where you stand in the communication process with college programs.

How many schools do I need to target or research?
There is really not a correct answer to this question.  Each situation is completely different.  Some prospects have college coaches knocking down their doors and they need to limit their search.  Other hopeful prospects have very little interest from college coaches and have to target and research hundreds of different options.  Once you begin the process of making a final decision, our suggestion is to limit your list to a maximum of 5-7 schools and then weigh your options before making your decision.

What should my ultimate goal be in the recruiting process?
Your ultimate goal should be finding the “right fit” for you as a student, as a basketball player and as a young adult.  We believe there are three aspects to your decision: The academic, the athletic and the social aspect.  To each person, those factors are weighed differently, but whichever are most important to you, you need to make your decision based on that.  It’s not about finding the school with the highest academic ranking or the best basketball program or the school with the best social scene.  It is about finding the “right fit” for you and only you will know the answer to that.


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