Making Your Decision: Basketball Factors
Saturday, September 8, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips

Like we have mentioned before, CS Hoops is a big believer in finding the “right fit” for you at the collegiate level.  Weighing the athletic, academic and social aspects of the college decision is extremely important in every student-athlete’s decision.

Below are the basketball factors we feel are most important when evaluating a potential collegiate destination.

  1. Level of Play – Evaluate the different levels of play within a Division, for example a “high-major” Division III as opposed to a “low-major” Division III
  2. Coaching Staff – Make sure you develop a good relationship with not only the Head Coach but also at least one of the Assistant Coaches on staff.  Talk to current and former players about their relationships with the coaching staff and their strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Style of Play – Make sure that the coaching staff utilizes a style of play that is conducive to your game.
  4. Individual Development – While the most important statistic at the college level is your Win-Loss record, an emphasis on individual development is important for achieving your individual goals and to make all your hard work pay off.
  5. Future Teammates – You will be spending countless hours both on and off the court with your teammates at the college level, so make sure that they are the type of people you want to be around and that can help you achieve your goals.
  6. Playing Time Opportunities – While playing 40 minutes per game at the college level is very unlikely, you want to make sure there is not an overload of players at your position and that you will have every potential opportunity to earn playing time.
  7. Conference/Competition – Determine the strength of a program’s conference and non-conference schedule.  Most players want to compete against the best competition there is to offer, so make sure to evaluate the strength of a program’s opponents.
  8. Current and Past Success/Tradition – While tradition and past success is not a guarantee for future success, it is likely the most reliable way for a student-athlete to determine the possibility for success his 4 years.
  9. Athletic Facilities – While playing in a 20,000 seat arena is not necessary, make sure that are all the necessary resources for a student-athlete to be successful are available.  This includes evaluating the athletic training room, weight room, video equipment/technology and specific basketball training aids.
  10. Opportunities and Relationships at the Professional Level – If your college career earns you the opportunity to play at the professional level, make sure that your coaching staff has the relationships and resources to help you achieve this goal.  This means having relationships with agents, professional teams and professional scouts. 
  11. Support of Athletics – It is important to realize that you are not playing college basketball to become a celebrity or to earn recognition but at the same time, the support of a basketball program is many times in a direct correlation to their success.  Support from the school, student body, alumni and the community all contribute to an enjoyable and successful collegiate career.
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