Scholarship and Financial Aid Questions to Ask a College Coach
Friday, September 7, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips, Academics, Scholarships and Financial Aid

It is important to prepare yourself and your parents and coaches with questions to ask when you speak with or meet with a college coach.  Here are some ideas that will give you better insight into a coach’s program and school:


1. How many basketball scholarships do you have available?

2. What does a basketball scholarship include?

3. What type of academic/non-athletic scholarships or financial aid is available?

4. Do I have to apply before a scholarship or financial aid can be offered?

5. Are you able to help me through the admissions process?

6. What is the admissions deadline?

7. Do you offer early decision options?

8. When will I hear from the admissions office regarding my application?

9. When will I receive my financial aid/scholarship offer form the school?

10. Will I be able to appeal my initial financial aid/scholarship offer?

11. What is the deadline to make a decision on my financial aid/scholarship offer?

12. What is the school’s deposit policy to guarantee a spot for the following school year?

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