Athletic Questions to Ask a College Coach
Thursday, September 6, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips


It is important to prepare yourself and your parents and coaches with questions to ask when you speak with or meet with a college coach.  Here are some ideas that will give you better insight into a coach’s program and school:


1. Have you and your staff had a chance to evaluate me as a player?

2. Where will you and your staff be this summer so that I can be evaluated?

3. What position do you see me playing in your program and how many players do you currently have in that spot?

4. How many other players are you recruiting at my position?

5. What is your preferred style of play and how do you think I fit into that game plan?

6. Do you intend to invite me for an official visit?

7. When are you hoping for me to make a decision?

8. What do you and your staff do to develop your players individually?

9. Do you have relationships with professional teams, here and overseas, to help me play professionally after school?

10. How competitive is your conference and non-conference schedule?

11. What success has the program had in the past?

12. How supportive is the student body, university and the community of the basketball program?

13. What goals do you have for the program for the next four years?

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