Gauging the Interest of a College Coach
Tuesday, October 23, 2012  |  In Recruiting Tips


Communicating with college coaches is one of the most important aspects of the recruiting process.  During the recruiting process, college coaches will be very active in contacting you directly through phone calls, emails, letters and in-person visits if they have interest in you as a potential student-athlete.

Here are a few ways to determine if a college program is interest in you:

Six Ways to Gauge the Interest of a College Coach

  1. Scholarship Offer – This can be a verbal or written offer from a program that usually comes from the Head Coach.  This offer cannot be accepted until your Senior season but an earlier “Verbal” commitment can be made that is not binding.
  2. Offering an Official Visit – An official visit is a trip to campus that is paid for by that college or university.  The NCAA allows a program to pay for lodging, transportation, food and entertainment for a potential student-athlete.
  3. Asking you to Complete the Application Process – This is more prevalent at a high academic Division I, II or III institution where gaining acceptance to the college or university may be in question despite your athletic reputation.
  4. Weekly Phone Calls and Emails – While there are changes on the way regarding the NCAA’s regulation on this topic, regular communication from a coaching staff is an obvious way to determine the genuine interest of a college program in you. 
  5. Hand written letters – The same can be said for hand written letters.  With increased use of technology in recruiting, “snail mail” is be used less and less but frequent mail from a college coaching staff that is not a mass mail out (ex. Summer Camp Sales) is a good sign.
  6. In-Person Meeting and Evaluating – This can be done in many ways, whether it is at a summer AAU game or in your high school gym during the fall, when a coaching staff makes the effort to see you in person, there is a good chance that increased recruitment is on its way.
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