What is a Prospect/Elite Camp?
Monday, May 13, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips

Many college programs at all levels will be hosting "Prospect" or "Elite" camps beginning next month. Many invitations to these camps have been sent out the last couple months and chances are that if you are a college prospect, you have received one of these invitations. So what can you expect from a "Prospect" or "Elite" camp?

1. Become Familiar with a Particular School: Attending one of these camps is a great opportunity to learn more about a particular school and their program. Most likely, you will be staying in the college dorms, eating in their cafeteria, using their athletic facilities and being coached by their coaching staff. It is the best way to get a feel for what it would be like to be a student-athlete at a particular school.

2. Exposure: If you are trying to gain the confidence of a possible future coaching staff, having a good performance and their own camp is a great way to do so. Maybe there is a school out there that you are very interested in that has not shown you much recruiting interest yet. There are few better ways to get their attention than by playing well over multiple days at their camp. You may also be able to gain exposure to other coaching staffs and programs that may be working the camp as staff members. This is particularly effective at Ivy League and Patriot League camps where much of the staff is comprised of "high academic" small college coaches.

3. Competition: These camps are usually made up of potential future student-athletes at a particular school and many times there will be a handful of players who already hold scholarship offers or have made a verbal commitment to that coaching staff. This situation serves as an excellent opportunity to compete against players that are fighting for similar college basketball opportunities.

4. Development: Coaching staffs want to put their best foot forward when hosting dozens of college prospects, parents and high school/AAU coaches at their camps. This means that you will have a great chance to learn a few things from college coaches who are working hard to show that they have a great product to sell to potential future student-athletes. Take advantage of one of the few times in your high school career that you will get to work on the court directly with a college coach.

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