So What's Next? Your Recruitment Next Steps
Friday, May 3, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips, Academics

Now that the NCAA Live Period has come to an end for Division I programs and will soon be over for Division II, it is important to reassess where you stand in the recruiting process.

It will continue to be a busy time playing in tournaments and events on the weekend and we suggest to continue to do so. Even though college coaches are not in attendance, it doesn't mean they aren't reading and listening to what's going on on the club tournament scene. Plus, basketball is a game of competing and you should always look to play and improve on your abilities.
"But what else should I be doing?" you ask. We get this question often, especially during this time of year. There are a few tournaments in May and very few in June due to high school related leagues and practices. Division I and II programs won't see you until July, but that doesn't mean there aren't many things you can do to stay ahead of your recruitment.
We have compiled a list of a few topics we feel you can focus on which will help you maximize your recruitment going into this summer.
Finish Strong - it is May, the weather is starting to get nicer and school has been dragging on. You want to start to relax and take it easy as the school year ends. DON'T! This is the '4th quarter' where you need to finish stronger than you started. Make sure you take care of class work and finish on a high note with your finals. We can not reiterate this enough that your academics are equally as important in your recruitment as your ability to make plays on the court. We speak from personal experience.
Continue to Work - We feel this is actually the ideal time to get back in the gym and work on your game. You have played several weekends in a row. You know how you played well and what you could improve on. Take the next 2 months to really concentrate on your on-court improvement. You can make some tremendous developmental gains which will put you in a great position to excel this summer.
Stay in Contact - Even though college coaches can't watch you play, they still want to keep track of how you're playing and progressing. Reach out to them. Be consistent and stay in contact with each coaching staff you have been in touch with so far. This is also a good time to make introductions to other programs that would fit you academically and athletically. 
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