Maximizing NCAA Live Periods
Friday, April 19, 2013  |  In Recruiting Tips, Exposure Events

While we all know coaches want to see an athlete's on-court talent when they go to NCAA Live Period events, there are certainly several other things college coaches will be paying attention to. Here are a few things we think you should be aware of as you get started this evening.

Do What You Do
We all want to stand out to coaches. We think that if we score as many points as we can, then coaches will notice us. Let me be the first to tell you, from experience, that this does not usually work out for most players. Be smart and play your game. Are you a facilitator? A defender? Rebounder? Shooter? Whatever your skill set, remember to do what you do best. When you try to do too much, you will end up playing poorly and hurting your chances of being noticed by college coaches. If you have open shots and you are confident you can knock them down, then do it. However taking bad shots and trying to do too much is a bad thing in the eyes of a coach. Remember, do what you do!
Play Hard, Every Game
These tournaments pack so many games in in such a short period of time. You may play 4 games in a day. Everyone understands you will be tired and bruised, but coaches want to see how you react. They want to see how tough you are mentally, that no matter how tired you feel, you still bring maximum energy and effort. On Sunday, when everyone else is worn out, coaches will watch to see if you are still bringing the same energy and effort you did on Friday night.
Take Care of Your Body
This goes without saying. You need to rest and eat well through out the weekend. McDonald's after a game is not the best option. Get a good meal so your body can regenerate and recover fully. Your body is the engine, you need to fill it with good fuel. Also, rest is extremely important to completely recover after a game. Don't stay up all night messing around with your friends. You made the trip to play basketball, the fun part is on the court. Having a lack of sleep will only hurt your performance the next day.
Have a Positive Attitude
No matter what happens throughout the weekend, be positive. Coaches are watching not only how you play, but they want to see your character as well. How you speak to your team coach, your teammates, the referees is something that coaches are watching for. If you have a bad attitude now, they are not going to believe that will change in the future. There is a lot of talent out there, college coaches will find someone else if they think you have questionable character.
We hope this helps as you get prepared for this weekend. Play hard and good luck!

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