High Academic Exposure Camps
Wednesday, April 10, 2013  |  In Exposure Events

While AAU/club events are a great way to play in front of college coaches, there are times in which an athlete can be just another player in the crowd, especially those athletes who excel in the classroom. Over the last several years, 'high academic' camps have really taken off as a great place for college programs with strict academic standards to find athletes who not only are cable of competing, but athletes who can qualify academically as well. For those universities with strict admissions standards, it tends to be difficult to find these athletes and which is why they have relied more and more on high academic events.

Let's take a look at a a few that traditionally have the best individual, high academic, exposure events. They are listed in no order of importance.
Hoop Group - While Hoop Group is also known for some of their top level talent for club team tournaments and exposure events, they also have some very good high academic exposure camps as well. The camps are called the Academic Elite Camps. There are two session taking place in late June and mid July located in Reading, PA (just outside of Philadelphia). You can find out more at:
Hoop Mountain - Hoop Mountain is another event provider that runs tournaments and camps throughout the year. They too have some of the best high academic camps during the summer months. Typically their best academic camps are:
1) Elite Student Athlete Prospect Camp in San Diego, CA
2) The All Academic Camp in Boston, MA 
Elite Academic Athletes - This is one of the best alternatives you will find for high academic camps especially in the midwest. The Elite Academic Athletes camp has been well received over the years and tends to get attendance from high academic universities at all levels of play. There are two separate 1-day sessions taking place July 10th and July 17th just outside of Chicago, IL. You can find out additional information at:
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